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"Им будет не просто - тем, кто полагается на истину авторитета, вместо того, чтобы полагаться на авторитет истины"

"Любовь никогда не требует, она всегда дает. Любовь всегда страдает - никогда не выражает протеста, никогда не мстит за себя"

"Счастье не зависит от того, кто вы и что вы имеете; оно зависит исключительно от того, что вы думаете"

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Это сайт о совершенствовании собственных качеств: нравственных, умственных и физических. Цель жизни – поиск совершенства, задача каждого из нас – максимально приблизить его проявление в самом себе, в собственном состоянии и образе действия. Стремление к совершенству посредством познания того, что более всего нас заботит, того, о чем думают и говорят...
What to take with you to the beach Мода и стиль » Аксессуары
What to take with you to the beachDuring the holidays, people forget about all their worries and begin to actively enjoy the rest. In summer, you can hardly do without visiting the beach. Almost everyone wants to be sure to soak up the sun by the sea or near the river. At the same time, a beach vacation requires special preparation.

There are attributes without which a beach holiday will not be comfortable. These include: a swimsuit, sunscreen, glasses, panama hats and, of course, a beautiful beach towel.

Choosing a beach towel

Like the choice of swimsuit, it mainly depends on the season and fashion. In order to correctly choose this important attribute for yourself on vacation, we recommend buy beach towels with a logo. The presence of a logo or brand image on a towel offers a whole range of benefits:
  • soft structure;
  • high hygroscopicity (moisture absorption);
  • unique image;
  • fastness of paints;
  • ease of care.
If you wish, you can order the production of advertising towels: sports, kitchen, bath, beach, sun loungers, for travel. In addition, an original beach towel will become an irreplaceable gift. Drawings on these towels relate to a variety of topics. It can be either a strip, an abstraction, or an image of nature, animals, your favorite cartoon hero or a football team.

Choosing a beach poncho

The desire to stand out from the crowd in an original way arises in most fashionistas. Among the many options for outerwear, the poncho is gaining popularity - a rectangular piece of fabric with a hole for the head and no slits for the arms. Due to the use of soft materials when sewing, the poncho comfortably envelops the figure. They are especially popular for water sports and recreation by the water. Stylish surf ponchos is offered by Mayer Orme Tekstil. The material from which the products are made consists of a combination of cotton or bamboo with polyester. They are highly absorbent and dries quickly. Lightweight, breathable and very practical, ponchos will be indispensable on the beach or by the pool. Great for kiters, surfers, wakeboarders and all water sports enthusiasts, especially those who ride in cool weather, in strong wind conditions.

Modern girls owe the appearance of practical and versatile models to the South American Indians. In many tribes, ponchos were considered traditional clothing for men and women. The comfortable thing came to the taste of European conquerors, and the merits of the product were eventually appreciated all over the world.
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